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Validation of "Bulgarian folk revivalists" postal stamps

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123.jpgThe official validation was done by engineer Ognyan Atanasov and Pepa Markova, chief expert at "Bulgarian Post" EAD.

The official ceremony for the validation of the two postage stamps was held in the Art Gallery "Vladimir Dimitrov - Master" Kyustendil. It was also attended by Deputy Georgi Stamov, Regional Governor Alexander Pandurski, Deputy Mayor Kristiyan Ivanchov, Rumyana Dimitrova - Director of the Western Region RU of "Bulgarian Posts" EAD, Director of RIM Kyustendil Valentin Debochichki, municipal councilors, historians, citizens.

The stamps are from the collection series "Bulgarian folk alarm clocks". This series of two stamps has nominal values of BGN 0.90 and BGN 1.35. The circulation of the stamps is 8,000 of each nominal value. The artist of the edition is Prof. Viktor Paunov. One stamp is an image from a book by Yakov Kraykov, and the other is a coat of arms by Hristofor Zhefarovich.

Yakov Kraykov is the first Bulgarian printer, engraver and artist for whom authentic, albeit scarce, biographical information has been preserved. In his published in 1566 in Venice, "Chasoslovets", he notes that he came from the place Kamena Reka, at the foot of the Osogovo mountain, near Kolasia (now the town of Kyustendil). This information about the birthplace of Yakov Kraykov has been adopted and noted in a number of scientific, popular science and encyclopedic works.

The other brand is dedicated to Hristofor Zhefarovich, who made a huge contribution to the spiritual growth of the Bulgarian people in the 18th century. The most important of his works for our Renaissance is the book "Stemography", published by Zhefarovich in Vienna in 1741.

The mayor of Kyustendil, Eng. Atanasov, received the first stamps of the two series as a gift.

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