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145 years since the first Bulgarian postage stamp was put into use

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5_santim.jpg145 years of Bulgarian postal messages - the anniversaries of the creation of Bulgarian messages and the release of the first Bulgarian postage stamp are being celebrated.
On May 1, 1879, the first Bulgarian postage stamps, called "centimes" at that time, were put into circulation. They were printed at the State Russian Printing House in St. Petersburg.
Their nominal value was 5 centimes, since at that time there was no Bulgarian monetary unit. They depicted an upright lion with a crown as a symbol of the bravery and struggle of the Bulgarian people for liberation.
"Temporary rules for the postal part in Bulgaria" came into force on May 1, 1879 (May 13 according to the new style), and on that day the first Bulgarian postage stamp was put into use and the Postal Administration was established.
Two years later, with the Temporary Statute for Posts and Telegraphs, adopted by Decree 275 of 24.IV.1881, the exclusive right of the state over postal and telegraphic communications was confirmed.
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